Hutchmoot Homebound Oct. 8-10, 2021

“Hutchmoot” is an annual multi-day conference on the intersection of Christian faith with art, music, and story. “Hutchmoot Homebound” is a multi-day digital event with even more content!

One of the great things made possible by the digital venue is a space for kids Hutchmoot is calling The Playroom. I’m excited to say that I’ll get to introduce my Beside the Pond audiobook and coloring pages alongside a host of really brilliant children’s artists.

This year, visitors of the Playroom will be treated to special concerts from Randall Goodgame and Michael J. Tinker, episodes of The Slugs & Bugs show and Adventures of the Juniper, talks from favorite authors like S. D. Smith, Randall Goodgame, James D. Witmer, Carolyn Leiloglou, and Dorena Williamson, illustrators John Hendrix and Ken Priebe, and even a Poetry Jam hosted by Jennifer Trafton and featuring jam-related kids’ recipes demonstrated by Rachel Matar.

I’ll also be sharing a few brief words on why I write about adventure and backyard wildlife. Registration for Hutchmoot Homebound is open now. My entire family was encouraged and uplifted by the event last year, and I think you should check it out!

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