Beside the Pond: A Big Old Garden Story

The second book in a nature-inspired children’s series after the spirit of Thornton Burgess and Beatrix Potter!

Fans of the Big Old Garden will meet new friends as well as some old ones, and experience the world through the perspective of a bullfrog who has a little problem!

Chapter 1: The Smallest Bullfrog

Beside the Pond’s thirteen chapters stand alone as individual stories, perfect for bedtime or stolen moments throughout the day. Taken together, they tell a unified tale about the animals and birds who live around the little moon-shaped pond, so it can also be enjoyed as a chapter book for readers ages 7-10.

The Strange New Dog

The Allen family loves their many pets, and they’re excited to adopt just one more—Henry, the bull-terrier. But why are dangerous men after him? He’s not telling, and the other pets must find out before someone in the family gets hurt:

  • Why is Henry angry about being adopted?
  • Can a dachshund actually concentrate for more than two minutes?
  • What do Henry’s stalkers really want?
  • Can a cat’s natural stubbornness foil a dastardly scheme of kidnapping and robbery?

Read along to find out!

A Year in the Big Old Garden

Book 1 in the Big Old Garden series!

A Year in the Big Old Garden is a collection of children’s stories in the spirit of beloved classics by Thornton Burgess and Beatrix Potter.

These thirteen short stories are crafted to be read aloud, mixing whimsical storytelling with the love and knowledge of backyard wildlife.

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