Beside the Pond Kickstarter is Now Live!

Hello friends,

I’m excited to tell you that my newest book, Beside the Pond: A Big Old Garden Story is now available on Kickstarter!

In my first book, A Year in the Big Old Garden, I introduced you to a garden that resembles the one at my house, and we shared adventures with the birds and other backyard wildlife who visit here. Beside the Pond takes us back for another year of seasons in the Big Old Garden, and spends most of its time, well… beside the pond! 

On the Kickstarter page you can watch an introductory video – including clips from chapter 1 of the audiobook and some sample illustrations – and meet the brilliant team we assembled to bring this book into the world. Then place a pre-order to get your copy of the book, and some exclusive rewards besides.

We need your help!

We have set our Kickstarter goal just high enough to cover the cost of producing this book in paperback, e-book, and audio-book. Because of the way Kickstarter works, we have to hit that goal, or we don’t get any of your contributions.

So if you want to hold a copy of Beside the Pond, or to share it with your favorite kids, please:

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