Coming Soon – The Strange New Dog chapter book mystery

I am excited to say that next month Havenwood Press will release my next book, The Strange New Dog: An Allen Family Mystery

The Strange New Dog is a chapter book for kids age 7-10, featuring a lively family, their collection of pets and— believe it or not— a strange new dog. Here’s the copy from the back cover:

The Allen family loves their many pets, and they’re excited to adopt just one more—Henry, the bull-terrier. But why are dangerous men after him? He’s not telling, and the other pets must find out before someone in the family gets hurt:

  • Why is Henry angry about being adopted?
  • Can a dachshund actually concentrate for more than two minutes?
  • What do Henry’s stalkers really want?
  • Can a cat’s natural stubbornness foil a dastardly scheme of kidnapping and robbery?

More details are coming soon!

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