Big Old Garden sequel coming to Kickstarter next week!


Announcing Beside the Pond: A Year in the Big Old Garden

Hello friends, I wanted you to know that on April 14, we will launch Kickstarter pre-orders for the sequel to A Year in the Big Old Garden!

Here’s the official blurb:

Beside the Pond: A Big Old Garden Story is a nature-inspired children’s book in the spirit of Thornton Burgess and Beatrix Potter. Like its predecessor A Year in the Big Old GardenBeside the Pond introduces young readers to a cast of backyard birds and animals, and follows their adventures through the seasons.

Fans of the Big Old Garden will meet new friends as well as some old ones, and experience the world through the perspective of a bullfrog who has a little problem.

Beside the Pond’s thirteen chapters stand alone as individual stories, perfect for bedtime or stolen moments throughout the day. They’re crafted purposely to be read aloud, for the enjoyment of parents and small children alike. Taken together, the stories tell a unified tale about the animals and birds who live around the little moon-shaped pond in the Big Old Garden, so Beside the Pond: A Big Old Garden Story can also be enjoyed as a chapter book for readers ages 7-10.

The Kickstarter launches on April 14,

and I’ll send out some more info, including a brief introductory video, when that happens.

(Here’s the link for the preview page:

I hope you’ll join us!
All the Best.

Laura Peterson Reviews The Strange New Dog on StoryWarren


I’m not sure there’s a better compliment for an author than to receive a good review from a Real Live Librarian. You can read Laura’s at:

“In the great tradition of stories like Bunnicula and the movie Homeward BoundThe Strange New Dog features a lovable collection of dogs, cat, and parrot, and is told from their perspective, rather than that of their human owners.”

Laura Peterson

Melissa Kline Reviews A Year in the Big Old Garden on StoryWarren


“In ​A Year in the Big Old Garden​ , Witmer gently pulls back the curtain on the mundane, and shows us miracles! He invites readers to open their eyes and delight in the community of creation happening all around and suddenly I find myself looking at the cardinals at the feeder in a completely new way!”

Melissa Kline

I love this review, which also ran on StoryWarren – you can read it here: